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Teapots with character and personality

Whimsical is the word I hear most often when others are describing my teapots. They tend to remind people of Alice and Wonderland or Dr. Seuss, two very meaningful sources of inspiration for me.

I see the teapot form as a 3 dimensional canvas for the ultimate creativity challenge.  Sometimes I’ll sketch out a vision before I get started and other times I just go to town making various shapes and then selecting the parts that fit best together.

More than just a teapot

I envision the teapot as a character with a life of its own.  When they’re placed beside each other, I imagine them interacting, as though they are the ones hosting the tea party, rather than acting merely as a serving dish.  I consider their function as a vessel for pouring tea as secondary.

Now, this doesn’t mean I throw all aspects of function out the window.  I still think about how the body, spout, lid and handle all fit together as I’m creating it, but the form’s purpose is not necessarily designed for housing a hot beverage.  Its personality is always top of mind.  Fashion over function, as they say.

A Collection of Remarkably Unique Ceramic Art

One of my most special teapots titled O La Fuente (featured on the right, the name is a tribute to both its fountain-like shape and my background with learning spanish) was published in Lark Crafts 500 Teapots – Volume 2, a 420 page collection of both daring innovation and classic historical form as translated by the top international ceramicists of today, juried by Jim Lawton.  O la Fuente is featured on page 257.

Teapots are celebrated as one of the most challenging and beautiful forms one can create in clay.  The teapots in this gorgeous book will inspire ceramicists, collectors, crafters, and enthusiasts alike by documenting the current and evolving vitality of top designers in the field working around the world.

exerpt from inside cover

500 Teapots - Volume 2

It is an honour to be part of such an eclectic group of teapots

I’m delighted to be chosen as a part of a series of books that are so full of creativity and beauty and have inspired me so much over the years.  O la Fuente itself is a product of flipping through the first 500 Teapots book multiple times, combined with a few craft history lessons and an ounce of revenge… 😉  It is an honour to be published alongside so many talented artists, to whom I’ve looked up and admired with awe during the start of my ceramic career.

Spout, handle, body, lid, knob, foot.  What exactly makes a teapot?  Anatomical features?  A connection to the ceremony of tea preparation and consumption?  Or simply the ability to steep the beverage? As you’ll see when you peruse the pages of this wonderful book, the definition of a teapot is open to interpretation.  Thanks to its long history and to the rituals and symbolism that surround it, the teapot prompts an astonishing range of responses in artists.  Few objects are more inspiring of innovation.  The number of ingenious variations involving form, material, and theme included here is remarkable.”


500 Teapots - Volume 2

An inspiring collection of books

Other books in this series that I have drawn inspiration from include “500 Cups,” “500 Bowls,” “500 Pitchers,” “500 Plates and Chargers” and of course the original “500 Teapots.”

The teapot is both a functional and beautiful object that has a long, rich history.  The gorgeous collection of images in this book showcases the teapot’s evolving form as interpreted by top ceramicists

excerpt from back cover

500 Teapots - Volume 2

ceramic teapot with screen printed images of flowers, guitar, canoe, hand prints
unique ceramic teapot

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