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Amazing Glaze Chemistry

5 Ways You Can Make Your Glazes More Amazing

If you’ve ever wished your glaze could be just a little more…

  • cost effective
  • green/red/blue/purple
  • compatible with your other glazes
  • matte/glossy
  • stable/fluid

… then you don’t want to miss this free class!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

In this free class, I’m going to show you 5 ways you can use glaze chemistry to improve your recipes, get your glazes looking their best and behaving in the kiln.

Here are the topics I’m going to talk about:

  1. Recipe material substitutions – how material substitutions can help you create recipes you don’t have all the ingredients for, improve glaze performance and even reduce costs.
  2. Glaze colours – how each colourant can turn out different depending on the base recipe.
  3. Matte vs glossy surfaces – which materials are responsible for whether your glaze will be matte or glossy.
  4. Melting temperature – which materials can raise and lower a glaze’s melting temperature.
  5. When your glaze is crazing – why glazes craze and what we can do about it

There will be time for live questions at the end. The whole class including Q&A will be 2 hours.

If you can’t attend live, the replay will be available to watch until Mar 22, 2024. Extending this deadline will not be possible so make sure you watch it before it expires.


I can’t wait to share this valuable information with you!

I’m Sue McLeod

I’ve been working with glazes since 2009 and teaching about glazes and their chemistry since 2017.

My role as the studio technician in a busy community pottery studio for 6 years has given me the opportunity to study how glazes work on a deep, yet practical level.

I’ve seen thousands of glaze results come out of the kiln over the years, which have helped me to understand how glazes work, how they don’t work and how we can best control our results.

Glazes and the whole technical side of ceramics are a true passion of mine and I’ve made it my mission to take the complicated aspects of our craft and translate them so they’re easy to understand for ceramic artists of all experience levels.