Online Classes and Workshops with Sue

The Art of Glaze Chemistry

Learn how to use glaze calculation software to analyze and adjust your glaze recipes so you can adjust melting temperature, change surfaces between matte, satin and glossy, and fix glaze fit issues like crazing/shivering/dunting.

Explore how base glaze composition affects colourants so you can design the unique glaze palette you've been dreaming about.

This is a 9-week program that takes a deep dive into the science behind how glazes are composed so you can develop the best glazes for your work. No previous chemistry knowledge required.

Registration is now closed until Spring 2023.

Mastering Glaze Consistency

A 4-week, online program that will teach you how to get the best glaze results possible with your existing glazes, and repeat those results from firing to firing.

Learn my system for measuring specific gravity, flocculating and/or deflocculating your glazes to improve application and fix many glaze flaws like running, crawling, glazes turning out the wrong colour, cloudy clears etc.

Registration currently closed until Feb 2023.

Glaze Mixing Essentials

Learn how to mix your own glazes from scratch and do a Colour Run by testing a base glaze with multiple colourants in this online workshop.

Glaze mixing is a foundational skill that will enhance your creative potential, save you money and increase your understanding of the materials you're working with.

You get instant access to the workshop, plus a live Q&A session over Zoom each month for 3 months.

Registration is currently closed until early 2023.