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The Lonely Life of a Potter

Have you ever had a glaze question and no one to ask it to? I sure have! Working alone in a studio can feel isolating, especially when things aren’t going well.

Having a supportive community is so valuable. The internet makes it really easy to connect with potters all over the world. It’s important to have other people that we can discuss our challenges and successes with. We all have experience with different things and I think it’s great that we can learn from each other.

Sharing Information

This is why I started a Facebook group for potters to chat with other potters about glazes – my favourite ceramic subject! I’ve done so much glaze testing over the past few years and collected so much data that I want to share it with the ceramics community. I know others have a lot to share as well.

This group is a place for both beginners and experienced potters to talk about glazes and collectively learn more about them. It’s a place to post your results and ask questions.

From glaze mixing and application to glaze chemistry and formulation, ask away! If I can’t answer it, there’s bound to be someone with experience. Or we can come up with a testing method to figure out the answer.

Join us!

If that sounds like your idea of a good time, click the button below to join my Facebook group

Understanding Glazes with Sue 

When joining, be sure to answer the question “What’s your biggest challenge with glazes right now?” and you’ll be approved. It really helps me to plan helpful content to share with you guys.

Introduce yourself to the group and then feel free to come ask your glaze questions as they come up. If we can, we’ll help you figure them out.

See you there!

I’m Sue McLeod

I’ve been a studio potter since 2010 and ceramics studio technician at a community studio since 2015.

After exploring ceramics through a mainly artistic lens for a few years, I gradually moved over to the technical side.

Learning about the materials I’m using, how they work together and the chemical reactions that are taking place has been the most inspiring part of my artistic journey. I now have a clearer path to follow and am compelled to share all I’m learning with the greater ceramics community.

I spend a lot of time studying glaze formulas, testing and experimenting to improve the glazes where I work and in my home studio.  

Having knowledge of the chemistry of ceramic glazes gives me the freedom to be more creative. It allows me to turn my inspirations into physical creations.

I believe that all ceramic artists could benefit from exploring the chemistry of their clay and glazes, even at a very basic level. I strive to take complex subjects and make them applicable and understandable to even the most “right-brained” of ceramic artists. Please join me on the glaze journey!

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