Glazy Demo – Adding Recipes and More

Start video at 2:40 to skip all the “getting organized” intro stuff.

Glaze Recipe Sharing

Do you use to store/share your glaze recipes?

If you’re just hearing about Glazy for the first time, you should definitely go check it out. It’s a ceramics recipe website that allows you to store recipes with photos, share them with the community and analyze the chemistry/UMF of your glazes, all in one place.

You can batch out a recipe (convert % to grams), calculate recipe batch costs, track your glaze material inventory, chat with other potters about their recipes, and so much more. It’s truly amazing.

In this video, I had some glaze recipes that I wanted to add to my Glazy account, so I decided to share the process live inside my Facebook group – Understanding Glazes with Sue. This is the recording of that live video.

Follow along as I show you around the platform and how I like to use Glazy to store and organize my glaze recipes. I add a couple recipes and show you the handy import feature you can use to save time when copying recipes from another software.

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Glazy was created and is maintained by Derek Au. If you love Glazy like I do, consider supporting Derek so he can keep the site up to date and running smoothly for all of us, not to mention you can unlock some very useful special features.

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