Glazes Without Borders

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be presenting on a discussion panel on glaze chemistry called Glazes Without Borders at next year’s NCECA conference in Pittsburgh.  Our talk is on Thurs, March 15, 2018 from 4-5pm.

Discussion topics

My contribution to the discussion will be based on research I am doing into how Cone 6 glazes work.  My research topic is:

Understanding Cone 6: Understanding exactly why glazes work at cone 6 is a puzzle. This work will examine precisely how glazes work (and often don’t work) at Cone 6.

The discussion will be moderated by Matt Katz.  Other panelists are Kiara Matos with Colourants as Fluxes and Peter Berg with Copper Leaching and Glaze Durability.

Online Collaboration

Matt Katz is a ceramics materials educator at Alfred University and Ceramic Materials Workshop.  Kiara, Peter and I have taken his online courses on clay and glaze chemistry.  Matt is guiding our research projects through online collaboration.  Part of our presentation will be on the topic of Online Education and Collaboration in Ceramics.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I look forward to the trip across the continent to speak about my favourite subject.  I’m very grateful for this opportunity to share what I’ve been learning with the ceramics community.

Will you be at the NCECA Conference in Pittsburgh?  Let me know!

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