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What to do if your glaze recipe doesn’t add up to 100%


Take a simple recipe:

40 Feldspar

30 Silica

20 Whiting

10 EPK


100 %

When a recipe adds up to 100%, we can easily compare it to other recipes.  This is particularly useful when we have additions like colourants and opacifiers.  The base recipe remains constant while the additions are always relative to 100%.

It also allows us to look at 2 recipes side by side and compare the amounts of individual materials.

But what do we do if our recipe doesn’t equal 100%?

We can’t compare materials because the proportions aren’t equal.  But we can fix it.  It’s easy to convert any recipe to 100%.  This process is called “normalization”.

To normalize a recipe:

  1. Take each amount
  2. Divide by the sum of the formula
  3. Multiply by 100

It’s that easy

You can do this with any formula, regardless of what it adds up to. Just 3 easy steps and your recipes are ready to be shared, compared, adapted and adjusted.

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