This is an info only page. Invitations to register are sent to my online glaze course students.

Support, Guidance and Community

You probably know by now that there's nothing simple about ceramic glazes. There are so many factors that determine how your glazes are going to turn out.

One small change in:

  • your materials
  • your firing schedule
  • your firing temperature
  • your cooling cycle
  • your kiln size
  • the size/shape of your pieces
  • your clay body
  • your glaze application thickness
  • your glaze application method

... and all of a sudden your glazes don't turn out as you had expected them to and you're left frustrated, confused and disappointed.

You did the smart thing by signing up for an online glaze course to expand your knowledge of glazes, what they're made of and how it all works together. But taking a class is just the start of the learning process.

No online glaze course can be tailored to teach you everything you'll ever need to know to be successful in your unique situation and to deal with the challenges that arise as you continue to glaze new pieces, try new glazes, buy new kilns and evolve your pottery practice.

You need support and guidance as you take your new knowledge and implement what you've learned.

You need a place where you can go to share your results, ask questions and talk to other experienced potters who are more than happy to help you solve problems as they arise.

That's why I created The Glaze Lab membership.

I remember what it was like after I graduated from art school and before I started to really understand glazes on a deeper level and learn about chemistry. I would try something and it would work and I would try it again and it would fail! But why??

I longed to be back in school where I had access to my 3 very knowledgeable instructors. But since those days were over, and I was out on my own with no real ceramics community yet, I just had to keep trying and learning the hard way.

Now that I have over a decade of experience in my home studio and 6 years experience as a technician in a community studio, I wanted to create a supportive learning environment for my students who might be feeling like I did in the early days.

If you'd like to continue exploring glazes with me and others who are actively making pots, testing, troubleshooting, sharing and supporting each other all year long, then I invite you to join me in The Glaze Lab membership.

The Glaze Lab membership includes unlimited access to these classes:

A description of The Glaze Lab membership

The Glaze Lab is an invite-only, monthly membership (annual subscription also available) for students who have taken one of my online glaze courses. We started in July 2022 and many members have been in The Glaze Lab since day 1.

It's meant as a way for me to provide continued support to my students after the official class has ended. Learning about glazes is a lifelong journey which is why I provide lifetime access to my courses.

Here's everything that's included when you join The Glaze Lab:

  • A supportive community/discussion forum (not on Facebook) where you can ask questions, post photos, share links, and have conversations with myself and other Glaze Lab members on a daily basis.
  • 2 Monthly Zoom calls with Sue and her glaze enthusiast friend and colleague, Ronald Boersen. We can all get together and discuss what you're working on and help you troubleshoot any studio challenges you're having, whether they be related to glazes, kilns, clay bodies, anything to do with ceramics.
  • Access to past and future Zoom recordings that can be searched (yes, searchable videos!) so you can easily find conversations on specific topics.
  • A member's area where you'll find a growing library of resources, masterclasses and workshops that will help you on your glaze journey.
  • Collaborative learning opportunities like the Glaze Recipe of the Month - we all test the same glaze, compare our results and learn about glaze materials, firing schedules etc
  • Studio challenges - designed to help you fine tune your studio processes and deepen your glaze knowledge
  • Off the cuff, behind the scenes videos of me sharing different aspects of my own studio practices

In the member's area, you'll have unlimited access to:

  • Masterclass: Amazing Glaze Chemistry: 5 ways you can make your glazes more amazing (using glaze chemistry)
  • Masterclass: Strategic Glazing: What it takes to achieve consistent, successful glaze results
  • Workshop: What Do the Glaze Materials Do? - my intro workshop to understanding what glazes are made of and how all the materials work together to melt in the kiln
  • Masterclass: How to Troubleshoot Disappointing Glaze Results - learn all the factors that cause common glaze issues like running, crawling, crazing, pinholes etc, and how to solve for them
  • Behind the Scenes: Clay Reclaiming - both dry block and wet clay bucket reclaim processes
  • Behind the Scenes: "Stack & Slam" wire wedging method
  • Over 40 hours of Searchable Zoom recordings

And much more to come. This membership is still fairly new, started in summer 2022, and will continue to evolve over time. I totally welcome your feedback and ideas for how we can collaborate and learn together in The Glaze Lab.


Here's what Glaze Lab member Jim had to say after a Zoom meeting:

Will you join us?

If you’re feeling enthusiastic about continuing on the glaze journey with a supportive community and a growing library of resources, then I would love for you to join me and other like-minded potters from around the world in The Glaze Lab.


$39 USD/month

$390 USD annually (get 2 months free!)

This is an info page only. Invitations to register are sent to my online glaze course students. Prices may change.

When you register, you’ll be locked into this price for as long as you remain a member in good standing. As time goes by and more content and resources are added to the membership, the price will be increasing, but not for you! Your price will never increase unless you leave the membership and then decide to come back.

A fun price comparison: Selling just one beautifully glazed mug per month would pay for this membership 😉

Fine print:

These are recurring subscriptions and your credit card will automatically be charged each billing period. Both monthly and annual subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, but no money will be refunded. You will have continued access until the end of your billing period and then your credit card won’t be charged for the next billing period. Read terms and conditions.

A Preview of The Glaze Lab

The Glaze Lab consists of 2 separate areas, the member's area and the community. If you'd like to see what's happening inside The Glaze Lab, you can watch these 2 video walkthroughs that I created for new members.

You can even test the video search function and see how cool it is! After you click the Play button, click the magnifying glass in the top right corner of either video to search that video for any word. It will show you the exact spot in the video where that word is mentioned. The entire Glaze Lab member's area is searchable which makes it really easy to find exactly what you're looking for.

Here's a walkthrough of The Member's Area

Here's a walkthrough of The Community

Benefits for past MGC and AGC students

If you've taken Mastering Glaze Consistency or The Art of Glaze Chemistry courses and you're an active Glaze Lab member, you'll be invited to all future live rounds of the programs that you're enrolled in. I call this "The Guided Track" where new modules are released each week and we have a weekly Zoom Q&A session.

You already have lifetime access to these courses so you can go back and re-watch the lessons as often as you want. But sometimes the best thing you can do is put your student hat back on, hit the restart button, and go through the program again in its entirety, with the energy of a new group of students.

When you join The Glaze Lab, you'll be invited to join the Guided Track each time I offer one of the courses you were previously enrolled in, at no extra charge. The only criteria is you have to be a Glaze Lab member in good standing and you'll automatically be invited. If you opt in, you'll get the weekly email that outlines that week's lesson, and the Zoom reminders. If you opt out, that's fine too! It's all up to you.

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