Are you a ceramic artist who makes your own glazes?


Do you want to better understand your materials and how they work? 

Ceramic glazes are a complex subject that often leave us scratching our heads. A recipe calls for a material we don’t have access to.  We try a new recipe and the glaze runs or crazes. We want to change a glaze in some way. Adjust the colour? Make it glossier?

When we understand our materials and how they interact with each other, we can alter our glazes to make them better. Spend less time troubleshooting and more time making!

I have teamed up with Coast Collective and will be offering my Understanding Glazes workshops at their Arts Centre in Colwood. Date of workshop:

Sun May 13 1:00-5:00pm

Class description:

This is a Level 1 class for ceramic artists who make their own glazes (or plan to) and want to better understand how they work. Applicable to any experience level.

Topics include:

  • the basic parts to a glaze
  • glass formers, fluxes & stiffeners – how they function and which materials fall into each category
  • an intro to glaze chemistry
  • the periodic table and the most common elements used in glazes
  • why colourants react differently in different glazes
  • how to determine if a recipe is ideal for durable, functional ware
  • material substitutions
  • how to read a Unity Molecular Formula to analyze a glaze recipe
  • how to use glaze calculation software

Class is presentation style, handouts and note taking paper provided. Presentation slides will be emailed to participants after the class for future reference. There will be a visual display of test tiles to demonstrate class concepts. Includes interactive activities and time for questions and discussion.

Please note: We will not go over the steps of how to mix glazes in this class. If you’ve never mixed glazes before, have a look at some glaze recipes to get to know the names of some of the materials that are used. Find a recipe that interests you and bring it to the class. Glazy is a great website for finding and sharing glaze recipes.

See you there!

You gave a wonderful and well-prepared presentation! You have a very clear, friendly speaking voice and it is evident that you know a LOT about this topic and enjoy talking about it with an interested audience. Your teaching style is natural and engaging. Great job!

Kit Maloney

Workshop Participant

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