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How Glazes Work-shop Jul 6, 2019

How Glazes Work-shop - Level 1 - Victoria, BC This is a Level 1 class for ceramic artists who want to better understand how glazes work from a chemistry perspective. This is the foundation class for all future chemistry classes from Sue. No previous knowledge of...

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Past Workshops, Classes and Presentations

Specific Gravity and Viscosity – Online Course

An Online Course About Glaze Thickness Hey potters, sculptors, ceramic artists, clay people. I'm creating an online course about glaze thickness. Sounds super interesting, eh? To use more specific terms, it's a course to guide you...

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Understanding Cone 6 – NCECA presentation 2018

On Mar 15, 2018 I gave my first ever NCECA talk. I was part of a panel discussion called Glazes Without Borders, moderated by my teacher, Matt Katz. This video is a 20 minute clip of my presentation titled "Understanding Cone 6". My co-presenters Kiara Matos and Peter...

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Understanding Glazes Workshop – Feb 24, 2018

Are you a ceramic artist who makes your own glazes? Do you want to better understand your materials and how they work?  Ceramic glazes are a complex subject that often leave us scratching our heads. A recipe calls for a material we don’t have access...

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Download a pdf of my Understanding Cone 6 NCECA presentation

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